Energy Therapy for Mind, Body & Spirit

Welcome to Of Love Healing and Hypnosis. Experienced in the Healing Arts, it is Amy's desire to facilitate healing and enlightenment through Love and Light. She offers insight and intuitive care through Energy Healing, Angelica Guidance and Hypnosis. Reiki certification classes are also available.
She works closely with higher dimensional beings such as Angels and Spirit Guides to assist clients in healing, raising their vibration, and expanding consciousness. 

She holds the credentials as a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Hypnotherapist, Master Energy Therapist, Reconnective Practitioner, and Certified Angel Card Reader.

Energy Healing is very relaxing and assists the Physical, Mental,  Emotional and Spiritual Bodies in achieving and maintaining balance and optimal health.  Amy is a Light-Worker who channels in Light frequencies, such as Reiki, which then assist in releasing blocks; healing and raising cellular and energetic vibration. Modalities and services offered include: Angel Card ReadingsAngelic Guidance, Energy Therapy,Earth Based Transpersonal Healing,  Pranic Healing, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, Forsyth Crystal Lightbed,  Hypnotherapy, Past Life & Spiritual Regression.

Energy Therapy sessions include an intake, treatment and review of session with a copy of notes provided to the client. Appointment times are approximately 75-90 minutes with an average of 45 min on the treatment table. 

The Forsyth Crystal Light Bed offers an infusion of Sound, Crystal and Light frequencies to balance and restore energy. Crystal singing bowls create a perfect- pitch sound resonance to bring chakras back into alignment as the Chromo therapy bathes the client in light frequencies specific to the chakras. Throughout the whole session, a Vogel cut crystal connects with the clients energy field through their crown chakra as it filters in programmable healing frequencies.

For your convenience you may view openings and schedule a session using the Schedule Now link located in the right side column. If you have any questions, please contact Amy by email or phone.

Services are offered in person and remote by phone, face-time and email.

"I welcome working together with you on your journey in healing for Mind Body and Spirit." 
In Light, Amy